Paediatric Department

When it comes to children, we always believe that they deserve special care. The same extends in the medical field too. Our multi-specialty Paediatrics department, along with Neonatology focuses exclusively on medical care of infants and children.

While General Paediatrics takes care of children at a holistic level, our sub-specialists have mastered a narrowed field of childcare to give even more focused healthcare solutions.At Anand Surgical Hospital, we have more paediatric sub specialties under a single roof than any other facility in the region.

We have a team of general paediatricians who know how to take care of your child's health. This includes monitoring your child's growth, identifying under and over nutrition, treatment of routine paediatric illnesses and infections and recommending a super specialist, as and when the need arises.

Our paediatrics department is run by ahmedabads one of the best hospital namely "APPLE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL"